Laboratory Tests

Many employees are required at regular intervals (1 or 2 years) either because of exposure to harmful environments or because of the nature of their work (eg work at height) to perform laboratory tests to renew the attestation of work suitability. There are also companies that, in the context of health promotion in the workplace, carry out preventive laboratory testing on their employees. These tests mainly concern hematological and biochemical tests (General blood tests, kidney function, liver, blood sugar levels, etc.), which are not the same for everyone, but are categorized according to the following factors: Gender, age, type of work, exposure to specific factors , individual medical history.

Optical Acidity Testing

According to PD 398 / '94 in the context of employee health surveillance and in accordance with the provisions in force, the employer is obliged to ensure that every employee is subject to medical examination to check his / her eyesight. These examinations are performed with a special instrument called VISION TEST.

Spirometry / Audiogram

Within the specialty of occupational medicine, the occupational doctor has the knowledge and ability to perform specific examinations such as spirometry and audiogram.

In companies where workers are exposed to harmful factors such as dust and fumes, or for prevention and treatment in pre-existing conditions (lung disease, asthma, chronic heavy smokers, etc.), spirometry is advisable.

In companies where employees are exposed to noise above 85 db or the average noise level exceeds 80 db there is an audiogram indication. Both of these special examinations can be performed by the Occupational Doctor who will evaluate the results.

Our company, in order to better serve its customers, ensures that the exams are carried out in the workplace to avoid unnecessary movement and loss of valuable, productive time.