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> 5/08/2019

Visit of OBEAMME to the Ministry of Transport on 30/7/2019

A visit was made to the Ministry of Transport on Tuesday, 30/7/2019 by the President of the Federation Lykartsi Anastasiou, the General Secretary Kelpezidis Dimitriou and the Technical Advisor to Karanassiou Panagiotis Mechanical Engineer for the Mechanical Engineering Department.

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> 7/03/2019

Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Transport Mr. Thanos Moraitis 07/03/2019

On Thursday, 07/03/2019, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Thanos Moraitis, the President of P.O.P.E.K visited. Mr. George Asmatoglou, the Technical Advisor of P.O.P.E.K Mr. Panagiotis Karanasios.

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