• Manufacturing Activities
  • Storage and Distribution Centers

According to Article 6 of No. 483/35(Government Gazette B158, 3-02-2012) "Documents supporting the operation of the activities of the provisions of Art. 19 par 3-5 of Law 3982/2011 "and 5542/72 (Government Gazette B'62 / 18-01-2018)" Determining the Process of Installation and Operation of Storage and Distribution Centers "is < strong> Required to employ a Supervisor, Operator and Maintenance Engineer for activities with an installed capacity exceeding 59 KW (80HP).

Indicatively, the tasks of the Supervising Engineer:

  • Supervise the proper operation and maintenance of the mechanical equipment of the production process.
  • Supervise the correct operation and maintenance of the Mechanical Support Equipment.
  • Electrical Installation Security.
  • Fire Safety Installation.
  • Compliance with Environmental Conditions (waste, noise level etc)
  • Compliance with Employee Safety and Health Measures.

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