Garages of all specialties are licensed by the Ministry of Transport & Communications or Local Transport & Communications under PD78 / 1988.

The following actions, investigations, certificates and certificates could be completed by KARANASSIOS P. - VARSAMI G. & Associates, on the operation of Car Garages:

Research for space suitability:

KARANASSIOS P. - VARSAMI G. & Associates firm is able to issue :

  • Traffic Connection Approval (where is applicable)
  • Land Use Certificate
  • Approval of Environmental Terms
  • License of Establishment 
  • License of Modifications
  • Operating License
  • Fire Protection Certificate
  • Authorization for the issue of an Exhaust Control Card 
  • Issue of Professional Training License

In addition, following the latest developments in legislation and under PD 78/88, Government Gazette 1519B / 7-9-2010 and Law 3897 (10-12-2010), the company is capable of issuing licenses for the establishment and operation of workshops for repair and maintenance of vehicles with LPG and Gaseous Fuels.