The institutional framework setting out the procedures for the establishment and operation of gas stations is 465/70 (which applies to out-of-town gas stations) and 1224/81 (which applies to the stations located within a city plan), as amended by Presidential Decree 118/2006 (Government Gazette 119A), Law 3710/2008 (Government Gazette 216A) and Law 3897/2010 (Government Gazette 208A). The license to set up gas stations is valid for a limited period of time, whereas the license is valid indefinitely.

Pure gas stations (LPG) as well as mixed gas stations (LPG and liquefied petroleum) are licensed in accordance with provisions 595/1984 (Government Gazette 218A).

Compressed gas stations (CNGs) are licensed under the provisions of 5063/184/2000 (Government Gazette 155B).

Private Technical Control Centers for Light Vehicles, Heavy Vehicles and motorcycles are licensed under the provisions of Law 2963/2001 (Government Gazette 2068A).
For all the above, the company KARANASIOS P. - VARSAMI G. Associates fully undertakes the process of investigating the suitability of the land, compiling all required studies and plans and submitting them to the competent authorities.