The craft - industrial activities that are subject to Law 3325/05 (Government Gazette 68A / 11-3-2005) are required to obtain an installation permit and then an operating permit for the legal installation and commencement of their operations. The above licenses are issued by the General Secretariat of Industry or the Regional Units of Industry, Energy and Natural Resources.

An installation permit is not required if the activity has a motor power of less than 22 KW or a thermal power of less than 50 KW so the business is required to obtain an exculpatory installation-operating license.

Upon completion of the construction and equipment installation work, and within the validity period of the installation permit, the company shall submit the necessary supporting documents for the issuance of the Operating License so that it can proceed with its operations.

In addition, a business that has been operating in a specific location for some time but is willing to expand or modernize (increase its installed capacity, add mechanical equipment, expand its building facilities) must obtain a new installation and operating license.