Fire protection of buildings is divided into two categories:

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection includes all the measures taken during the construction of the building that ensure timely and safe escape of the public in the event of an incident, as well as the prevention of fire spreading to other buildings.

Active Fire Protection

Active fire protection includes all the fire protection devices that must be installed in a building and are designed to detect or respond to a fire early in time before it is out of control.

The Fire Protection Study is mandatory for the owners of craft and industrial installations as well as for all types of mechanical installations and warehouses. According to Presidential Decree 71/88, for all building installations, with the exception of dwellings below 5 floors, whose building permit has been issued after 1989, it is mandatory to prepare a Passive and Active Fire Protection Study for the issuance of a building permit. / p>

The Fire Protection Certificate is a necessary document for issuing a license for every business.