Occupational Safety

KARANASIOS - VARSAMI LTD is a subsidiary of KARANASIOS VARSAMI & Partners, founded in 2008 with the aim of providing technical consulting services.The company owns offices both in Thessaloniki, 90 Giannitson Street and Athens, 40 Papanikoli Street in Chalandri.
KARANASIOS - VARSAMI LTD is operating in the field of occupational safety and health & business organization.

  • Promotes the health and safety of employees
  • Prevents accidents at work
  • Protects businesses against the requirements of legislation

KARANASIOS - VARSAMI LTD is a company, licensed by the Ministry of Employment to provide comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety services with qualified medical and technical staff. A network of partners across Greece supports our clients in Health and Safety. The core of the company, in order to better serve its customers, is specialized in technical knowledge, deep understanding of technical laws, standards and regulations.

Our goals:

  • To maintain our leadership in our industry, on a daily basis.
  • To have a responsible presence in our area of expertise.
  • To continuously improve the quality of our services.
  • To increase our market share in every area of our business.
  • To ensure continuous training, information and training of our staff.
  • To support our customers before and after the completion of an assignment.
  • To provide technical and consulting services to our clients.