Visit of OBEAMME to the Ministry of Transport on 30/7/2019

On Tuesday, 30/7/2019, the President of the Federation Lykartsis Anastasios, Secretary General Kelpezidis Dimitris and the consultant engineer Panagiotis Karanassios, Mechanical Engineer and Assistant Chief Engineer had a meeting with the Ministry of Transport, the Secretary General of Infrastructure, Mr. Karagiannis Georgios, on the issues that concern the car repairers sector.

Some issues that were discussed:

1. The implementation of a single pricing policy by Garages and IKTEOs in the issue of Exhaust Gas Control (KEK) vehicles.

2. The creation of an electronic system for the interconnection of the authorized workshops, which issue cards of Exhaust Gas Control, and the Ministry.

3. The creation of a Digital Register of Operating Garages in line with the Digital Station of Registrars with the aim of eliminating the phenomenon of illegally operating garages.

4. The establishment of the obligation to submit a tax document (tax or invoice) by law enforcement agencies during the re-inspection of vehicles by the KTEOs, in order to reduce the scourge of illegally operating vehicle repair and maintenance departments and at the same time to reduce tax evasion. 

5. The draft law on the conditions of operation of electric vehicle repair and maintenance departments.


During this meeting, the foundations for a fruitful and constructive dialogue have been laid down, so that issues concerning the industry could be resolved in the near future. The Federation is striving to resolve the problems affecting the Repairs industry and will continue its fight with meetings to be held in the future, with the new government and its ministers, in particular the Minister of Transport and Communications Mr.Karamanlis and the Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Kefalogiannis.