Meeting with the Deputy Minister of Transport Mr. Thanos Moraitis 07/03/2019

On Thursday, 07/03/2019, the Deputy Minister of Transport, Mr. Thanos Moraitis, the President of P.O.P.E.K visited Mr. George Asmatoglou, the consultant engineer of P.O.P.E.K Mr. Panagiotis Karanasios, as well as the President of the Panhellenic Inland Freight Trade Union Mr. Skoulikidis Petros.

In the meeting, there were discussed problems related to the provision of a ban on the use of trucks on the country's side road network in order to extend the regulation until relevant Traffic Studies have been carried out and motorists would not have been charged unjustly.

Finally, the issue of the drafting of the Ministerial Decision pending under Law 4439/2016, which deals with the training of the service stations, which could, with the attestation of the training provided, be designated to operate at service stations supplying liquid and gaseous fuels. In this matter, the Ministry was requested to adopt the proposals of POPEK, which are based on knowledge and years of experience of the operation of gas stations.