Engineering Consultants

The technical company KARANASIOS - VARSAMI & Associates, is an Engineering Consultants firm founded in 1989 by Varsami Glykeria, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer and Karanasios Panagiotis, Dipl. Electrical Engineer.
The Company owns fully equipped offices with comfortable working areas, a completely computerized network, and state of the art office equipment in the centre of Thessaloniki and in Athens in the Chalandri area.
Karanasios – Varsami & Associates specializes in the design, study and supervision of technical projects as well as the implementation of licensing procedures for special activities. The company provides integrated solutions including building permit issues, electromechanical studies (preliminary design, construction – detailed design, tender documentation), energy efficiency assessments, energy certifications, fire – protection studies in the field of building projects. The company also studies the development and licensing of Renewable Energy projects, photovoltaic and wind stations, all over Greece. In addition, the company provides Energy inspections to buildings, boilers, heating and airconditioning installations and electrical inspections using certified instruments by experienced engineers. Finally, the company provides Occupational Safety and Health Services (EXYPP license) and counseling services to Champers and professional associations in the fields of production and commercial activities.


Our goals:

  • To maintain our leadership in our industry, on a daily basis.
  • To have a responsible presence in our area of expertise.
  • To continuously improve the quality of our services.
  • To increase our market share in every area of our business.
  • To ensure continuous training, information and training of our staff.
  • To support our customers before and after the completion of an assignment.
  • To provide technical and consulting services to our clients.

Our philosophy has its roots in two things:

  • Without our customers, there can be no business.
    Therefore, our care for proper customer service remains constant and steadfast.
  • Our people carry out every activity, while striving to serve and assure the success of our customers and businesses.


KARANASIOS - VARSAMI & associates is:

  • Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG)
  • Member of the Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers of Northern Greece (SMBIE)
  • Technical Advisor of the Chamber of Crafts of Thessaloniki
  • Technical Advisor of the Hellenic Federation of Fuel Dealers (POPEK)
  • Technical Advisor of the Federation of Northern Greece Car Repairers (OBEAM).
  • Technical Advisor of Associations: Northern Greece Car Engineers, Northern Greece Electrical Car
  • Technical Advisor of the Association of Petrol Fuel Stations and Car Stations of Thessaloniki "SAINT CHRISTOPHOROS" and many professional associations in the fields of production and commercial activities.

The people of KARANASIOS - VARSAMI & associates are distinguished for their dedication, professionalism, complete respect for the client's needs, as well as their scientific competence and know-how. The company is surrounded by engineers of various specialties with many years of experience.